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W.D. Lockwood., Inc. has offered superior quality dyes for wood since 1895. Our concentrated mixing colors can be applied to any type of wood. Our cost effective dry powder formula dissolves quickly into hot water, 1 Lb. yields 4 - 8 Gallons of liquid stain. Lockwood wood stain powders are applied by brushing, sponging, or spraying, and can be finished with various types of lacquer, shellac, varnish, or oil based coatings. Available in water, alcohol, or oil soluble powder, our non-hazardous dyes for wood impart a deep, transparent color to your wood.

Metal Complex Dyes are Here!

Lockwood is proud to announce our Metal Complex line, consisting of 14 colors with more on the way. Metal Complex colors have the highest lightfastness (resistance to fading) of all dyes, and are recommeded in areas where strong, direct sunlight is expected. For best performance under strong UV conditions, a marine varnish with strong UV inhibitors is still highly recommended. Prices & Colorcharts are now on our site under 'Products.' See the colorchart, under Water Soluble Colors, to view samples on Maple.

Note - with a few exceptions (noted on colorchart) Metal Complex Dyes are soluble in both Water & Alcohol

Staining Floors

Lockwood's Water Soluble Dyes are an excellent way to give your hardwood flooring beautiful, transparent color. Through conversations with installers and finishers in the field, we've put together guidelines to address the most common questions we're asked, from bare wood sanding and preparation, to topcoating.
Click here to download our Suggestion for Applying Dyes on Flooring

To Order:

Customer Service Phone: 212.966.4046
TOLL FREE Number: 866.293.8913
FAX: 212.274.9616
EMAIL: sales@wdlockwood.com

(Please note, our email has recently changed. Send all electronic correspondences to the above email)

All Major credit cards are accepted
Terms: Net 30 days on approval
Shipment method: UPS, U.S. Postal Service, FEDEX, or common carrier (as specified by customer.)


"Sample Sets" for first time customers desiring to test a large selection of our products are available. Standard sample quantity is 1 oz. Sample Orders of five or more 1 Oz. packets will be discounted 10%. Normal Freight charges apply. To order a sample set, send an email to sales@wdlockwood.com with the subject "Sample Set", specify the packets you desire by product number, and include your Name, Address, & Telephone Number. Any Sample Set orders which do not include the preceding information will not be processed. We will call you to obtain your credit card information, then process and ship your order, usually the same day.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

OSHA's new standard for product safety information - Safety Data Sheets - are now available for the majority of our Water Soluble Colors. Select a product number and hit View SDS to download the corresponding SDS.
Our older MSDS sheets are also available below.


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Material Safety Data Sheets for our Water Soluble Colors arE available below. Select a product number and hit View MSDS to download the corresponding MSDS.


Price Schedule

Price schedule for bulk packing according to quantity, for one pail or drum per color:

1 - 4 Lbs. Net Weight List Price
5 - 9 Lbs. Net Weight One metal can or pail /5%
10 - 24 Lbs. Net Weight One Pail /10%
25 - 49 Lbs. Net Weight One pail or drum /15%
50 - 99 Lbs. Net Weight One drum /20%
100 Lbs. Net Weight One drum /30%